Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Primary/Secondary Color, Line Direction, and Tape Resist

First Grade Color Line Art

First graders created these beautiful abstract pieces while learning about line direction, primary and secondary colors and water color techniques.  Students began by using masking tape to create horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines on their paper.  Then they used a wet on wet water color technique to add red, yellow and blue liquid water colors to each section.  The “Ahhs and Oohs” as all the secondary colors erupted were such fun!  Finally students carefully outlined each section with Sharpie to create additional contrast. 
 This lesson was shared by Christie over at Fine Lines.  Thank you, Christie! 
Frameworks:  .1 Use a variety of materials and media, for example, crayons, chalk, paint, clay, various kinds of papers, textiles, and yarns, and understand how to use them to produce different visual effects 1.2 Create artwork in a variety of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) media, for example: 2D – drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, weaving; 3D – plastic (malleable) materials such as clay and paper, wood, or found objects for assemblage and construction 1.3 Learn and use appropriate vocabulary related to methods, materials, and techniques 1.4 Learn to take care of materials and tools and to use them safely 2.1 For color, explore and experiment with the use of color in dry and wet media Identify primary and secondary colors and gradations of black, white and gray in the environment and artwork 2.2 For line, explore the use of line in 2D and 3D works Identify a wide variety of types of lines in the environment and in artwork



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