Thursday, May 7, 2015

Art in the Gym!

These silhouettes were a combined effort of several grade levels.  Second graders learned about analogous colors and painted loads of papers to use for the dots.  Fourth grade teams picked an action pose and traced a teammate on black roll paper to make the silhouettes.  Then whatever classes had a little time, had a mini lesson on mosaic art and color theory and began adding colored spots.  When finished, they wouldn’t fit through the laminator. I love them and did NOT want to see them tear in the gym in three weeks, so I cut them into laminator size bits, and ran them through.  Again, the amazing Mrs. Cresta to the rescue!  She pieced all the bodies back together (not an easy task) and got them all displayed in the gym.  What an impact!

The original inspiration for these came from Mrs. Peterson over at The Falcon Acadamy.  Thanks for sharing! 

The sports spheres were created by our fourth graders.  Click here for the details.

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