Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jim Dine inspired Value Texture Hearts


Jim Dine Inspired Texture Value Hearts
Second graders learned a bit about pop artist Jim Dine.  They were also introduced to value and how it can be used to create the illusion of form (more on this in fourth grade).  Then we reviewed texture and how artists use actual or implied texture in their work.
We glued crinkled tissue paper for our backgrounds and then considered contrast and desired effect when selecting the colors to make our hearts.  Most students chose to use a complimentary color, or opposite side of the color wheel combo, to make their hearts really pop!  Students choose a light, medium and dark value of their selected colors and learned to blend using oil pastels.  The oil pastel hearts were then added to the tissue backgrounds and outlined with black to create additional contrast.  Enjoy!

This lesson was developed and borrowed all the way for Australia and shared via an awesome blog Use Your Colored Pencils.  Thanks for sharing!

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