Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chihuly Inspired Cieling

Third Grade Chihuly inspired Faux Glass

These beautiful faux glass ruffle bowls, or Macchia, were inspired by the works of glass artist, Dale Chihuly.  Students learned about Chihuly’s life and work and installation art before using transparency overhead films to make their personal pieces.  Combined, these create a miniature version of several of Chihuly’s overhead installations. 


Students began by cutting an organic shape from an overhead transparency.  They used Sharpie marker to color the edge for contrast.  Then using their knowledge of colors and color mixing they painted a thin layer of acrylic paints mixed with an acrylic gloss medium to make it a bit more translucent.  Next they used texture tools to remove paint creating spaces for additional light to flow through the work.

When the overheads were dry, I used a heat gun over a metal tumbler to melt them to these forms. 

The forms were then strung together with fishing line (holes were easily poked using a tack) and attached to the light covers with paper clips.  The window pieces are just taped to the window with packing tape loops.  Enjoy!


Barbara, our art therapy intern, had the awesome idea of having some of the pieces cascading across the ceiling and down the window.  Love it! 

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