Wednesday, May 6, 2015

City Reflections


Second Grade Cityscapes

Second graders are learning about communities in their social studies curriculum, so we created cityscapes in art!  We learned that most urban areas develop near water as this is a valuable natural resource people need to survive. 


Second grade artists were introduced to the “artist trick” of drawing overlapping to create the illusion of depth.  Notice how some buildings appear closer to the viewer with other buildings behind them. 

After drawing and coloring with markers, cityscapes were sprayed with water to dilute the ink.  Then we pressed the image creating a reflection and helping students understand the concept of symmetry in art and our world.
 This is another inspiration from Christie over at Fine Lines.  Thanks again, Christie!
MA Visual Arts Frameworks: 1.1 Use a variety of material and media. 1.2 Create artwork in a variety of two-dimensional media. 2.4 Explore the use of shapes and forms in 2D and 3D works. 2.5 For pattern and symmetry, explore the use of patterns and symmetrical shapes in 2D and 3D works.

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