Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Killam Family Tree

J.W. Killam Family Tree
This is our Killam School Family Tree inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt.  Each student and staff member made a self-portrait to create the “leaves”  for the tree.  Students learned about facial proportions and were introduced to the Art Nuevo style and the work of Gustav Klimt.
My original plan was to have students create a new portrait each year and to save them so children would leave elementary school with a series of self-portraits from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  However, my bubble was burst when I heard numerous groans while introducing the assignment in September.  I am not one who believes every lesson needs be shiny, new and exciting at all times, but I really do want students to be enthusiastic about the brief time they have in the studio each week- and so, I am rethinking this plan.  But for now, our tree shows how we are each part of a bigger picture and together, we create a masterpiece!
The inspiration for this collaborative art came from a photo posted on The LearningExperience.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful mural and inspiring ours!


  1. Muito criativo! irei fazer em uma escola que estou aplicando Educação Ambiental!

  2. I have just found your blog (through Pinterest while looking for ideas for a Library display.
    LOVE your ideas and work.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Did you paint the brick wall?

  4. Yes. I used black latex house paint. Then I used chalk to outline the Martha Stewart silver paint (small jars) to add the branches. The chalk could be erased easily with a damp sponge if I didn't like a branch. Hope that is useful.