Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Making of the Student Masterpiece Gallery

I wanted to transform our main school hallway into a Student Art Gallery, so here’s what I did: 

First I collected loads of frames in a variety of sizes to transform into mini bulletin boards.  Many were donated, and some were picked up at garage sales, flea markets- you name it- anywhere cheap! 

I spray painted all of them gold and cut pieces of foam board or cardboard to put in as the back.  Each backing piece was sprayed with adhesive and then I covered it with black fabric.  The edges on the back were folded over and secured with duct tape.  Lastly, I used a staple gun with long staples to secure the backing to the frame. 

To position the frames on the wall, I traced each frame on paper and attached the paper to the walls to see what they would look like together.  When I was happy with the arrangement, the awesome custodians at our school drilled the holes 1-2 inches below the top edge of the paper.  They needed some flexibility due to the brick wall and needing to drill into the mortar.

The final step was adding the wire hangers and adjusting each frame to hang at the correct level.  Thanks so much to Diane Myers for all her help getting those frames hung properly.  Lastly, I added Velcro dots to the lower corners of each frame to keep them straight.

Home Depot generously donated crown molding and the spray paint to trim all of the large bulletin boards.  I spray painted the molding gold and painted the bulletin boards black. The whole thing came together beautifully and I absolutely love having “a gallery” to showcase student work!




This sign is just before you head down the "gallery hall."  The design is by a talented fifth grader~!  Thanks, Eva. 

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