Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Line and Primary Colors with Mondrian

First Grade Mondrian Inspired Hearts


Wednesday and Thursday First grade Students (Monday kiddos skipped this lesson due to all the snow!) learned about the work of modern Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian (1872-1944).  Mondrian is famous for his abstracted works including vertical and horizontal lines and primary colors.  First graders began this mini unit observing works by Mondrian and then using folded paper to create a symmetrical heart or other symmetrical shape.  Next they added vertical and horizontal lines and backed their composition with vellum.  Finally they selected spaces to add primary colors.  They look lovely in the window with the light shining through the vellum.  All of this was done in one very busy class period! First graders were quite industrious.  Well done!

MA Visual Arts Standards: 1.1 Use a variety of materials and media, 1.3 Learn and use appropriate vocabulary related to methods, materials, and techniques 2.1 For color, explore and experiment with the use of color in dry and wet media Identify primary and secondary colors and gradations of black, white and gray in the environment and artwork Explore how color can convey mood and emotion, 2.2Identify a wide variety of types of lines in the environment 2.5Explain and demonstrate ways in which patterns and symmetrical shapes may be made 2.6 For space and composition, explore composition by creating artwork with a center of interest, repetition, and/or balance 5.1 In the course of making and viewing art, learn ways of discussing it, such as by making a list of all of the images seen in an artwork (visual inventory); and identifying kinds of color, line, texture, shapes, and forms in the work

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