Sunday, February 15, 2015

J.W. Killam School Flag


Now Presenting... Our School Flag!

Third, fourth, and fifth graders submitted designs for our school flag incorporating our school themes.  We are bucket fillers, T.R.R.F.C.C. students, and the Koala is our school mascot.  The teachers voted on the design that best represented our school themes.  Then came the flag making!

First I found an old painting with a faded and slightly beat up flower still life on the canvas.  I painted over the entire picture to create a new (to-me) canvas.  I transferred the winning design with pencil first and then outlined with bold Sharpie.  Lastly, EVERY student in the building added fingerprints to fill in the colored areas.  I sped up this process by pulling tables of students during lunches.  The texture is really nice and everyone had a hand in making it. 

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